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The implementation of membership in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Debre Genet Kidus Ammanuel Church emanates from Articles 5, 6, 7 & 8  of the By-Laws of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Debre Genet Kidus Ammanuel Church.

Article 5: Membership

Any person over the age of 18 who believes in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ iaccordance with the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo doctrine and who fulfills the following requisites shall become a member of Debre Genet Kidus Ammanuel Church.

a. Participate regularly in the church.
b. Willingness to provide services to fulfill the mission of the Church
c. Support the growth and development of the Church.
d. Willingness to pay $20 for family and $10 individual membership dues as set
e. Accept, respect and abide by the Church’s By-Laws.

Article 6፡ Members Rights and Obligations

1. Accept and follow these By-Laws.
2. Elect and be elected to the Board of Trustees.
3. Members of the Debre Genet Kidus Ammanuel Church shall have the right requested by the General Assembly of Parishioners.

4. Members of Debre Genet Kidus Ammanuel Church shall receive, free of charge, services offered by the Church. However, this policy does not restrict them from willingly donating whatever they can afford for services rendered.

5. Any member of Debre Genet Kidus Ammanuel Church shall have the right to give their opinions and comment on issues presented for decision by the General Assembly.

However, in order to cast their ballot, members should have paid membership dues without interruption for consecutive 6 months prior to the election.

Article 7፡ Termination and Restoration of Membership 

a. A member may be terminated from membership for violation of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo religion teachings, law, dogma and faith, for engaging in unethical behavior and persistence in his/her conduct even after advised and counseled by the Church Fathers and/or the Board of Trustees.

b. A member who fails to pay his/her membership dues for over three months after receiving a written reminder to pay his/her dues shall be terminated from membership.

c. A member who is terminated according to section (a) and (b) above may be restored to membership upon correcting the circumstances for termination.

d. If a member is terminated due to one of the reasons stated in section 7(a) above, the member on his own initiative can present his/her case to the church’s spiritual leaders and if it is confirmed by the spiritual leaders that the issue is corrected and recommend restoration to membership, the member shall be allowed to restore his/her membership.

e. If a member is terminated because of the reason stated in section 7(b) above, he/she can be allowed to restore his/her membership upon paying the dues since membership was terminated.

f. A member shall be terminated only after the reasons for termination has been explained to him/her and given his/her due process rights.

g. A terminated or resigned member shall forfeit all dues paid or contributions made and shall not request reimbursement of such payments.

Based on the articles of the By-Laws governing membership, membership to the Debre Genet Kidus Ammanuel Church is encouraged.  Everybody is welcome to our church for worship and Orthodox-Tewahdo religious services.  As such membership is not a requirement as the church is open to every believer and those who are willing to accept the Orthodox Tewahdo Religion.

However, believers are encouraged to register for membership so that registered members can enjoy the rights of the membership as described in our By-Laws. As the rights and benefits of membership are assured in Article 6, duties and responsibilities of membership are assumed in the same article as well.

There are two types of paid membership: Individual Membership and Family Membership. Individual members are expected to contribute $10.00 per month while Family members contribute $20.00 per month.

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